Childproof the planet

A new position for Telge Energi

A Nobel Prize for children, solar panels on schools in Africa, and support to young refugees in Sweden – “just to get more customers”.
Climate change is already here. We knew that we had to do something more than offer renewable energy to make a difference. Thats’s why the Swedish energy company Telge Energi now run projects that help children all over the world, making them strong enough to deal with the climate mess we’re leaving behind. Most people find it boring to switch between different electricity suppliers. It’s a lot more fun – if you help to save the world.

Kund: Telge Energi

Do good with the flick of switch.

Solar powered sanitary stations in Mozambique, solar panels on schools in the Philippines, initiatives that help young refugees coming to Sweden, and more. By putting a large share of their profits into these projects, Telge Energi is doing what they can to make the world a better place.
And as a positive side effect we’re getting an abundance of material to use as communication, towards old and new customers. Letting them know that they can help to save the world, with the flick of a switch!