Children’s Climate Conference

A Childishly simple idea, that got the worlds attention

The Swedish renewable energy company, Telge Energi has long pointed out that our children will suffer the consequences of how we adults treat the earth today. In December 2015 world leaders gathered in Paris to find a solution to global warming – but one voice was missing. We took the chance to help the children get their voices heard! And at the same time, put focus on the need for green energy.

Kund: Telge Energi

Act like a kid, and fight to save the world!

The children’s conference was visited by the four biggest newspapers in Sweden, as well as Swedish and international TV channels – generating front page news. The children’s documentaries had over 770,000 views and 250,000 engaged users.
In the end, we were able to count up articles and posts to a value of 23,000,000SEK, and measure a target group awareness of the children’s conference to nearly 40%. And just as importantly; contributing to the positive outcome of the Paris convention.